Rug Repair & Restoration

Owning a rug is like owning a piece of beautiful artwork and while your rug may seem durable and while it may have lasted you several years now, it can become damaged and it is likely that it will be damaged at some point in time. No matter the type of rug that you have, our team is able to offer you the repairs and restorations needed to breathe life back into your rug. Whether you have noticed that the fringe is detached from the rug or you saw a hole in the center of the rug, we can correct it for you. The experts at Rug Cleaning Greenwich provide you with timely and affordable repairs and restorations.

Don’t hesitate or waste another moment hoping that your rug is not ruined and let our team repair the problem for you. Give us a call today at 203-496-8414.

We Repair Rugs in Greenwich

A rug can be damaged for a number of different reasons and sometimes you may not even know that there is a problem. Once your rug has been damaged, you do not need to panic as it can be fixed.

Some of the most common types of rug damage that we repair include:

Fraying of the edges
Shredding and fuzzing
Spots and stains
Curling of the corners
Rips and holes
Water damage

Best Rug Restoration Services – Greenwich, CT

One of the things that sets us apart from others is that we have a team of on-site restoration specialists who will inspect your rugs and highlight the areas where repairs are needed. Our experts have a passion for rugs and it shows in their workmanship.

Some of the restoration services that we offer include:

Hem stitching
Fringe work, replacement, cleaning, and detailing
Tear and hole repairs
Damage from insects and moths
And more

Bring Your Rug into Us for Repairs and Restorations in CT

Your rug is going to experience issues over the years and you will find that you are in need of repairs and restorations. The team at Rug Cleaning Greenwich is here to provide you with the best possible services. If you would like to schedule cleaning, call us today at 203-496-8414.