Rug Cleaning Greenwich

There are no two rugs that are the exact same and what this means is that each one is made different, especially when you choose Oriental and handmade rugs. Since each rug is unique, they are not all cleaned the same and you cannot just treat them the same either. Unlike a carpet, your rug must be handled with care and when they are cared for, they can last more than 150 years.

When you hire our team to clean your rug, you will be in the best hands. We do offer both pickup and delivery services of your rug, so that you do not have to try to transport it on your own. Our team knows how to properly move it from your home to our location without damaging it.

Rugs are fragile and the fibers within them can be temperamental, so it is vital that only the best processes and solutions are used on them. If you do not use the proper products, the rug can be ruined in an instant.

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Our Unique Approach to Cleaning Rugs in Greenwich

When it comes to the cleaning of your rugs, you want to make sure that whoever you choose to clean them knows what they are doing. Our team takes a unique and specialized approach to cleaning your rug and we will determine the best way to clean it based on the rug’s condition, color, type, and fibers.

Below, we will provide you with a brief overview of the steps that we will take to clean your rug.

Pre-inspection. Before your rug is washed, it will be inspected by our team. During this inspection, we will look for any areas of the rug that need repairs or restorations. Some of the things we look for include holes, tears, faded colors, and more.
Color and dye test. The color and dye test are an important step in the rug cleaning process and it allows us to know whether or not the colors on the rug will bleed or if the rug was cared for before. Once this test is complete, we will know how to better care for your rug.
Vacuum. Before your rug is washed, we will vacuum it thoroughly to remove any dirt or dust that is left on it. It will also prevent any dirt and dust from being trapped in the rug’s fibers as well.
Stain and spot treatment. A specialized solution will be applied to your rug to eliminate stains, odors, and spots.
Full submersion bath. We wash your rug using a full submersion bath and this bath consists of a solution that is safe for your rug and water. The rug is hand dipped into the bath and then scrubbed using a soft-bristled brush.
Rinse and dry. Once your rug has been washed, it will then be rinsed to remove excess solution and then dried using a high heat application.

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